What is rhodium plated?


What is rhodium?

Rhodium, a member of the platinum family, is one of the most expensive metals in the world. It is heavily used to coat a layer on jewelry to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish. Rhodium, also adds a beautiful extra shine to the jewelry 

Why is rhodium plating expensive?

Rhodium was discovered in 1803 in South America. Rhodium occurs natively with other platinum metals in river sands of the Urals and North and South America. The annual world production of rhodium is only 7 or 8 tons, which makes it very expensive to create a solid piece of jewelry out of it and so is used merely for plating only.

Why is rhodium plating done?

Rhodium plating is mainly done on precious metals to make it more durable and long lasting. Any object made of silver and silver alloys tend to discolor over a period of time with regular wear and tear. It starts with one small spot and then spreads quickly. It is caused by a reaction of metal with moist air, which contains chemical element sulfur. Silver surfaces react with this gas, where the silver sulfide forms and appears as a dark shadow or blemish. To prevent this process, silver jewelry can be covered in a protective coat of Rhodium during its manufacturing. It makes the surface of the jewelry hard and gives a beautiful shine. This process of giving a chemical bath to your jewelry is referred to as rhodium plating.

Does rhodium plating last forever?

The plating of something like a ring, which is worn every day that takes a lot of wear and tear, can wear away in few years but a plating of a necklace or earrings can never wear off with proper care. It can be passed on to several generations. To make sure the plating lasts longer, simply wipe off the surface of the jewelry after wearing it with a clean soft microfiber cloth.


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what is rhodium plated

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