We believe every piece of jewelry represents something personal and meaningful. Whether it's a simple bangle or cherished family heirloom, jewelry makes a statement about you and helps illuminate the next stage of your journey - your Veatge.

 But sometimes it's not that easy.

With the rising prices of gold, silver and other precious metals, owning beautiful, high-quality jewelry has always been out of reach for many. And that's why, when we launched Veatge, we strived to create well-curated collections that never sacrifice quality or style - but, still, were completely affordable and completely accessible.

 And we did.

  • By simplifying and removing the unnecessary intermediaries such as middlemen and retail overheads. Our jewelry is sold directly from us to you.
  • By being easily accessible and 100% online, giving customer service and experience an utmost priority.
  • And by creating designs that are not just modern and on trend but also timeless, tasteful and designed to last.


We truly aspire to be a brand of the 21st century that is not just modern & minimal in designs but also how we operate and think.


VEATGE pronounced as WAY-AAA-JE means journey in Catalan.


Where trend meets timeless 4



Veatge is a brainchild of Dipak & Krishna Chavda, first-generation immigrants with a passion for travel and culture. Krishna’s ties to the jewelry industry date back to her earliest years, working with the fine jewelry business her father established in India in 1986. After migrating to the United States, she discovered that jewelry world isn't the same as her home country. She found inconsistencies in prices, lack of variety and the unreasonable high markups.

After her daughter was born she found herself investing in quality jewelry that can be passed down as heirlooms but it felt like spending an entire paycheck on one single piece of jewelry. That's when she along with Dipak decided to create Veatge: a new concept that could provide a single platform for unique high-grade designs at fair prices combined with a great brand experience. It was the business she wished had existed all along!

She left her coveted corporate job and enrolled herself in a local silversmithing school. With Dipak's help, she established relationships jewelry manufacturers that worked for luxury retailers. They guided her and helped her designs come to life. The first collection Modern Sculpture was born, with the same manufacturing techniques and same skills but without the luxury markups and overheads that come with retail space. 

Read her interview with a local Houston magazine here


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We are based in Houston, Texas with a small team of happy people with strong diversity and passion for what we do and how we do it. You can catch us hanging out on Instagram or meet us in person at one of our Events.



Our jewelry is made from precious metals such as solid gold, sterling silver, and 18k gold vermeil & 14k gold filled. As for gemstones, we use only precious and semi-precious stones. We use freshwater pearls and our diamonds are all SI clarity and above. All our jewelry is handcrafted with utmost care. We work directly with trusted manufacturers who share our values and bring our vision come to life.



Welcome to Veatge.