Interview with Roxy Rodriguez

Hi Roxy, help us introduce yourself.

I'm Roxy, and I live in Houston, TX with my toddler, husband, a dog, and a cat. In the past I've taught math and played roller derby, but lately, I'm all about being a librarian and a mom. We just moved back home from Sugar Land after Hurricane Harvey poured about 20 inches of water into our home.




 How does a day in your life look like?

By day I work as an elementary school librarian, by night I take care of my sweet little angel child, and by even later at night I am a graduate student. In between, I try to keep up with my photography and blogging.

Favorite books?

Anything by Cassandra Clare. I first became hooked with City of Bones. I'm a YA junkie and I love her work.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Traveling! There are too many places. Vienna, Austria, anywhere in Ireland, and Kauai, Hawaii.

If you could go back in time, what would you be?

Like time travel? If I could go back about 40 years, I would still be a teacher or librarian. It would be so much fun in those days! And my outfits would be way cuter. :)
Back In the time in my own life? I'm not sure actually. I am pretty happy working in education as it gives me more time during the holidays with my daughter and family. I might try to grow my blog business more from the start so that I could work as a part-time librarian during the day and have even more time with Lila.

How has your style evolved from your early years?

Before I became a mom, my style was a lot riskier. There were lots of skirts, dresses, and cardigans. It's like my wardrobe knew I wanted to be a librarian. After becoming a mother, I wore a lot of baggy clothes - you know how it is. Lately, I've been trying to dress "cute" again, and even went back to my favorite shops! Instead of wearing cutesy plastic jewelry like I may have done in the past, I've been choosing what I wear more carefully - beautiful and sleek with a story.


How do you express yourself through jewelry?

I've been selecting more meaningful jewelry as I've matured. Some of my favorite pieces represent my husband and daughter (opals), and a couple of other heartfelt pieces were a gift from my sister the day of her wedding. I also have my puzzle ring from when I lived in Saudi Arabia that I will never let go of.



Did your mother influence your sense of style, growing up?

The photos of my mother when she lived in Cuba are the best. She was so tiny and had the cutest style. I wish I could pull off the high-waisted pants as she did. So while I wish she influenced my style, I am not quite able to pull it off.

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day?

My husband is super sweet and often surprises me with breakfast in bed. I can't imagine what cuteness he has in store in regards to our daughter. Last year he ordered a custom cake with a photo of her popping out of the center!

What is on your wish list from Veatge?

I love the versatility of the Veatge brand. The jewelry has a unique, yet simple design. One of my favorite pieces is the Circle of Life necklace, as well as the Opal Ring, and Abstract Wire Hoops. Each of these pieces is versatile and can style up any outfit or can be worn casually.

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